how to add a photo by Amelia

How to add a picture on your blog.

step 1 : open a new tab

step 2 : search WPClipart

step 3 : click on the yellow box ( what says search ) and search what you would like .

step 4 : when you have your picture scroll down and find edit image .

step 5 : highlight the link for the image right click on the highlighted link then press copy .

step 6 : then go back on the blog

step 7 : press on the text button at the top .

step 8 : click on the img button on text and insert to your link into the box.


3 thoughts on “how to add a photo by Amelia

  1. pupil56 Post author

    This is really detailed Amelia! This could really help somebody who didn’t know how to post on the blog! How did you fit all tips into eight steps? was this hard to make? Maybe you could go and check the capital letters.

  2. pupil56 Post author

    Amazing! You helped me understand how to post a picture without getting sued. You have missed out a few full stops so add them in. Also where did you find all this information? Can you add a link as well.


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