how to add a post BY Danny

Step:1 Open google Chrome,

Step :2 type,

Step :3 click the orange bar,

Step :4 search what you want,

Step :5 click a photo,

Step :6 press edit photo,

Step :7 left click and copy,

Step : 8 Go to website you what yo put the picture on.

step :9 Login to the blog.

3 thoughts on “how to add a post BY Danny

  1. pupil56 Post author

    Danny I think there was a lot of detail in your post. I think if I was new to computers then this would help me a lot on how to post. did you find this easy to make? maybe you could go back and add in your full stops.

  2. pupil56 Post author

    WOW! I think this is good advice because you have included lots of short tips that are easy to copy and learn fast and easily. Have you tried this your self or did you just come up with it at the top of your head? All you need to improve on is adding your Capital letters, but other than that this is rely good advice.

  3. pupil56 Post author

    Danny you could of put full stops in instead of comer’s it will make more sense the steps were easy does your instuctions work

    by marshal


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