How To Get A Picture Up On The Blog. Adam

Step 1. Go to the blog

Step 2. log inStep 3. Open a new tab

Step 4. Go to WP Clip Art

Step 5. Search for the photo in the top right yellow box.

Step 6. Click the image that you want.

Step 7. Click edit image

Step 8. Highlight all of the code and copy it.

Step 9. Go back to the tab that has the blog on.

Step 10. Paste all of the code

One thought on “How To Get A Picture Up On The Blog. Adam

  1. pupil56 Post author

    Nice work! It is very basic which makes it easier to understand. I like it because its very easy to read and you can find out how to post an image very quickly. How did you collect all of the information? Maybe you could check for punctuation like full stops and capital letters. You could also check through your posts to see if for example you should try and put an space between step 2 and 3. But over all I really found it nice and easy to read your instructions.

    By Shannon


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