How To Insert A Picture By Finley

Step 1:Open the Internet explorer or Google Chrome,
Step 2:Search in the search bar,
Step 3:Click the orange bar in WPclipart so we aren’t sewed,
Step 4:Search for the image you want,
Step 5:Then click the image you want,
Step 6:Then click on edit image,
Step 7:Highlight the image and right click then click copy
Step 8:Login to the blog,
Step 9:Click new post,
Step 10:Name the post How to insert a image By whomever,
Step 11:And then write all the instructions I have,I did It!!!

One thought on “How To Insert A Picture By Finley

  1. pupil56 Post author

    Finley I love your instructions of how to insert a picture. How did you write all that? I think you should put full stops instead of commas.

    Ollie Downie


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