post an image by Rachael

1 . first search on google for WP clip art

2 . Next in the top right corner is a yellow search bar type the thing you want

3 . Now pick the best one

4 . select it

5 . select edit image

6 . highlight the code

7 . right click and select copy

8. Go to the class blog

9. login

10. add a new post

11. click on the text button next to visual

12. click on the Img button and paste the link

13. Add a small description of the image if you want

14. congratulations you have uploded the post

2 thoughts on “post an image by Rachael

  1. Mr Temple

    I liked this walkthrough because it had lots of detail and it was easy to copy. It was detailed and if I was new to computers it was very easy. Where did you find this information? Did you find this easy to do yourself? Perhaps you could add a link to WP clipart so I don’t click the wrong one. This would be even better if you add full stops at the end of each line.

    by Year 56T


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