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Turning Points in History – World War 2

As part of our work on World War II, we will be reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian, about the experience of an evacuee, Willie, who goes to live in the countryside.

Use these links below to begin finding out about the evacuation process:

Photos at:

Animation at:

School council elections

At Tanfield Lea we place great value on ‘pupil voice’ where the children are involved in decisions that matter to them (school dinners, charities and school rules).

The children learn the importance of democracy and gave speeches to become elected as school councillors. Following a secret ballot, here are some pictures of this year’s councillors in the Celebration Assembly.


Musical talent

We were recently treated to a guitar recital by 3 of our pupils, together with Mr Gordon. We enjoyed it so much that we almost missed home time! The musicians have been working hard on the guitars for over a year and had had ukulele lessons before that. Bravo!


Football frenzy



Our boys’ and girls’ teams have been doing the school proud in the last half-term, both with their sporting attitude and talent on the pitch.  Mr Durham, Mr Ashman and I have thoroughly enjoyed the games, which have been of a high standard.   The boys also won a district cup and the girls have qualified for the Champions League. Well done everyone!

girls-league walton-table

Story before bedtime

Tonight we are nearly at the end of Cliffhanger by Jacqueline Wilson – Mr image



imageRidley from Brandon is reading. Then we will do points and go to bed. We are nearly at the end of our adventure but still have tunnelling, jumping in the lake and canoeing left to do – expect wet clothes!

Thank you for all of our comments over the week (we have tried to pass on as many as possible).

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.