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Commenting on blog posts

Remember, we will only approve good quality comments to the blog. Follow these steps when posting a comment.

  • One: Say something positive “I really like how you have tried to use some powerful verbs in your writing. It helps bring it to life.”
  • Two: Ask a question By asking a question, you are encouraging a reply and you are engaging the author. “Your writing makes me think that you may have read some Michael Morpurgo books. Which story inspired you to write this?
  • Three: Suggest an improvement “To make this even better, you could change the way you opened the final sentence. Can you think of an adverb that would work? Leave a comment with some ideas.”

Eric 283/365 Eric Tastad via Compfight

Take a look at these comments. Which one do you think is an example of a good quality comment? Can you explain why? Can you explain why the other comments aren’t good enough and suggest what could be done differently?


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How To Insert A Picture By Finley

Step 1:Open the Internet explorer or Google Chrome,
Step 2:Search in the search bar,
Step 3:Click the orange bar in WPclipart so we aren’t sewed,
Step 4:Search for the image you want,
Step 5:Then click the image you want,
Step 6:Then click on edit image,
Step 7:Highlight the image and right click then click copy
Step 8:Login to the blog,
Step 9:Click new post,
Step 10:Name the post How to insert a image By whomever,
Step 11:And then write all the instructions I have,I did It!!!

how to add a photo by Amelia

How to add a picture on your blog.

step 1 : open a new tab

step 2 : search WPClipart

step 3 : click on the yellow box ( what says search ) and search what you would like .

step 4 : when you have your picture scroll down and find edit image .

step 5 : highlight the link for the image right click on the highlighted link then press copy .

step 6 : then go back on the blog

step 7 : press on the text button at the top .

step 8 : click on the img button on text and insert to your link into the box.


how to add a post BY Danny

Step:1 Open google Chrome,

Step :2 type,

Step :3 click the orange bar,

Step :4 search what you want,

Step :5 click a photo,

Step :6 press edit photo,

Step :7 left click and copy,

Step : 8 Go to website you what yo put the picture on.

step :9 Login to the blog.

how to add motor bikes to a blog jet

step 1. go to the blog .

step 2. log in.

step 3. open a new tab .

step 4. go to WP clipart.

step for the photo in the top right yellow box.

step the motor bike image.

step edit image.

step 8.highlight all of the code and copy it.

step 9.go back to the tab.

step 10.paste everything.

post an image by Rachael

1 . first search on google for WP clip art

2 . Next in the top right corner is a yellow search bar type the thing you want

3 . Now pick the best one

4 . select it

5 . select edit image

6 . highlight the code

7 . right click and select copy

8. Go to the class blog

9. login

10. add a new post

11. click on the text button next to visual

12. click on the Img button and paste the link

13. Add a small description of the image if you want

14. congratulations you have uploded the post