How To Post A Picture on The Class Blog. By Sophie

  1. in google, type
  2. it should take you straight to the website, click the button where it says search images in yellow. Make sure you get the image from this exact website otherwise you can be charged and sent to court!
  3. Select the image you like.
  4. Scroll down until you see ‘edit image’
  5. Click edit image.
  6. scroll over the link till it goes blue
  7. right click
  8. Click copy
  9. go back to the class blog
  10. login using the username and password
  11. Click new post at the top of the screen
  12. Insert a title
  13. then click text then you should see IMG
  14. when that it click there will be a small text box, if there are words already in it just simply delete them and right click to paste the link in. Then ok
  15. Then it should be on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!

How to add pictures on blogs by Alisha

First make a new tab for Google.

Next type in wpclipart. com.

Then click on the yellow box at the top saying search.( make sure if Americans have a different word of saying it then type that in)

Once you have found the image you want click on it.

After that, copy the link and right click it.

Finally copy the link on your post and then you are finished!




How To Get A Picture Up On The Blog. Adam

Step 1. Go to the blog

Step 2. log inStep 3. Open a new tab

Step 4. Go to WP Clip Art

Step 5. Search for the photo in the top right yellow box.

Step 6. Click the image that you want.

Step 7. Click edit image

Step 8. Highlight all of the code and copy it.

Step 9. Go back to the tab that has the blog on.

Step 10. Paste all of the code

How to insert a picture and don’t get sewed by Shannon

How to insert a picture onto your blog post.

Step 1. Open a new tab

Step 2. Type WPClipart

Step 3. Click on the pale yellow box and type up an image of your choice

Step 4. Pick a image of your choice. ( Bare in mind this is an  American website so different searches may be different for example Soccer and football )

Step 5. Scroll down and click on the edit image button for your image. The button is small!

Step 6. Highlight the link so it turns blue.

Step 7. Right click on the highlighted link and press copy

Step 8. Go back onto the blog

Step 9. Click on the text button at the top. (Its next to visual)

Step 10. Click the img button on text and insert your link into the box. then give a small description about the picture.

Step 11. I know it looks like a bunch of letters and numbers but then click onto the visual button

Step 12. And HOORAY! It should have uploaded!null

    1.  Go onto Google or Internet Explorer and search
    2. Click onto the yellow search bar on the website.
    3. Search up whatever you want to. Some things may not be on though. If you are searching up ‘football’, instead put ‘soccer’ because it’s an American site.
    4. Once you click on the image you would like, scroll down and click on ‘Edit Image’.
    5. After you click on ‘Edit Image’, copy the link that starts with ‘http’.
    6. When it’s all in blue, paste it on your blog post on ‘text’ not ‘visual’.
    7. Lastly, go onto ‘visual’ on your blog post and type what you wanted. Also, you can move and choose the size for your picture!


Wolves By Lydia


Wolves are the biggest of the whole canine family that includes domestics dogs, coyotes and foxes.

They are very intelligent creatures that lives in packs from 8 to 20 members. Each wolf knows their own place in the pack it’s mainly led by the oldest male or female. When they hunt together, the patrol can kill bigger animals like antelopes and bears. Each patrol guards a certain part of the territory mostly hunting sick, elderly or injured animals big and small (mostly small.)

When wolves howl, it’s mostly to socialise with other or warn others are in the territory. If one howls, the others join in to harmonise to make their pack sound like they are bigger to scare intruders. Rogues rarely howl.

The most powerful and dominant male and female in the pack will be the only ones to have mate and cubs. They are suckled for around ten weeks until they can eat proper food. The mother and apprentices of the pack will digest meat until they are old enough to hunt.

The dog related animals have long, lanky legs, they walk and run on their webbed toes. It makes it easier to run. They have long, sensitive noses and ears to scent movement from all directions. Full-grown wolves have 42 sharp pointed teeth to gnaw on bones, killing prey more easily, chewing meat and fighting.